What kind of grown up do you want to be?

I invite you to join us...

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What kind of Grown-Up do you want to be?

I invite you to join us...

Count Me In

The Truth Is...

You CAN do it.

You CAN be the calm, approachable, grown-up you want to be.

... the kind of grown-up that children and adults feel safe around.

... the grown-up who children come to when they are struggling, the one they tell their important stuff too, the one who can be a positive resource to them as they navigate the trials of life. 

You CAN become more grounded and see the benefits ripple through your relationships... for the better.  

You've got this
...and we've got your back

Inspiration - Encouragement - Accountability - Insight

YES - count me IN

Claire Wilson

I love how people are starting to understand how important it is to be GROUNDED and also the consequences of what can happen with those we care about when we are not.

I set up GROUNDED GrownUps® to support anyone getting honest and saying 'I get this - and I want to be calmer...but it's easier said than done.' 

I know.

Claire Wilson

I have worked for years with people aged 13-73, supporting them to understand their nervous system and make their journey to GROUNDED GrownUp® safely.

My background as a trauma therapist, trainer and writer (specialising in Polyvagal Theory and neuroception), and my own experience healing from PTSD, help me know how to guide you into discovering the power of your nervous system and working with your body - so that you can be that person you wish to be more of the time...

Yes it is a journey - but it's worth it.

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Why is it important to be a GROUNDED GrownUp®?
Listen to the TEDx talk and start your journey with insight. It's actually pretty serious and what Claire talks about applies to all relationships - not just with children.

Watch now
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Is it time for you to set your intention and take your next steps? You don't have to go it alone. Join us in the GROUNDED GrownUps® COMMUNITY and Claire will teach you more of what you need to know, and give you tools for your journey. 

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Want to dig deeper into nervous system science and understand what you are reading? With everyday stories, practical steps and tons of insight, this book is celebrated around the world - 'a must read' for parents, teachers and professionals.

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The ONLINE community is NOT for people who

  • Already know lots about nervous systems - theirs and others
  • Only want to learn more to help people they work with
  • Already a long way down the road to groundedness
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The ONLINE comunity welcomes people who

  • Want to be more grounded but know it is easier said than done
  • Are ready to do some work on themselves
  • Want to learn more about nervous systems and be part of a community
I understand - and this is what I need!

Ready to learn more about your nervous system - 
for you and those you care about? 

I'm ready
Grounded Grownups