A Practical Guide to Recovery After a Road Traffic Accident



A non-fatal traffic collision takes just a moment in time, but the real impact is often invisible and can last much longer. The effects on those involved, and those caring for them, can be significant. Written from the wisdom of experience, this 2-part guide is practical, real and insightful and puts people at the centre.


What to do in the initial days afterwards.

Dealing with insurance, solicitors


Things for friends & family to do, say
and NOT say.

How to help body and mind heal


Understand the changes in you. 

Understand the science of what has happened to your friend

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your ebook. I hope that one day your book will be given to everyone who presents at their GP or A&E Department after a car crash. Being given a copy of this book immediately following a collision might prevent years of unnecessary suffering."

Therapist, Coach, Trainer

About the author

Claire Wilson M.A. works to support, empower and advocate for children.

Her understanding of how to bring out the best in children is the fruit of over 25 years as an experienced primary school teacher, sought after accredited play therapist, clinical supervisor and therapeutic advisor to schools. 

A gifted communicator, Claire Wilson connects with audiences of all ages. Whether she is writing, coaching one-to-one, working with a small team, delivering whole staff training or a keynote speech to hundreds, Claire’s unique blend of heart, insight and hope helps people explore big topics safely. 

Claire is the Clinical Director of CHEW Initiatives, and the author of the internationally selling book GROUNDED~Discover the Missing Piece in the Puzzle of Children's Behaviour. Following the impact of her TEDx talk, Claire founded GROUNDED GrownUps®. 

She also works privately with clients of all ages, helping people understand and heal from the impact that trauma has on brains and bodies. 

"Thank you for everything… you’ve been the first person to take me seriously & understand. My partner’s told me not to cry as he thinks it’s bad for me…you get some idea of what I’m living with!! This ebook is going to help us both!! "


"Thank you so much for sharing this Claire. My friend burst into tears when she read it and said ‘someone really understands what she is going through’. You are an angel."


"I wanted to say what a great book! Not just for people involved in a road accident, but also for their family, friends and any professionals who may be supporting them at the time. "

Child & Family Support Worker

A Practical Guide to Recovery After a Road Traffic Accident



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