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GROUNDED GrownUps® ~ Conversations

The chance to own the new GROUNDED GrownUps® resource and become more nervous system savvy - in everyday life.  

Important & Exciting
These conversations make understanding the science of safety easier and relevant to your life. 
Conversations are around nervous systems and the every-day topics of:-

  • babies (+ hearing)
  • screens
  • pain
  • mess + mistakes
  • voice
  • digestion
  • different
  • leadership


What you'll get

  • A chance to watch 8 experts share stories of neuroception and nervous system functioning in their field of expertise.  
  • 24 videos you have access to whenever you want.
  • Hear stories you will 'get', be able to learn from and find easy to apply and pass on. 
  • Hear tips of what Claire and others are doing to actively work with their own nervous system.
  • Be inspired by stories of how people are spreading the science of safety to help other people in their personal and professional lives.
  • Be part of the global collective of people intentionally becoming more nervous system savvy.

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