Discover the missing piece in the puzzle of children's behaviour



What People Are Saying

"An excellent book for anyone with children in their world." Martin


“I wanted to keep reading!
I found it such useful insight for
myself and my daughter, with tools to help us both. Thank you. Lots.”


School Staff

"Such important messages and practical ideas, which should be essential knowledge for all professionals who work with children.” 


Mental Health Pros

"It’s a very important as well as informative book for parents and those involved with children. It is easy to understand and I enjoyed it immensely.”

Dr Melanie Salmon

"Insightful and sensitive. This important book provides a new understanding of a child's disruptive behaviour. "

Stephen W Porges, PhD


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About the author

Claire Wilson M.A. works to support, empower and advocate for children.

Her understanding of how to bring out the best in children is the fruit of over 25 years as an experienced primary school teacher, sought after accredited play therapist, clinical supervisor and therapeutic advisor to schools. 

A gifted communicator, Claire Wilson connects with audiences of all ages. Whether she is writing, coaching one-to-one, working with a small team, delivering whole staff training or a keynote speech to hundreds, Claire’s unique blend of heart, insight and hope helps people explore big topics safely. 

Claire is the Clinical Director of CHEW Initiatives, helping parents and professionals understand and know what to do to best help the children they are worried about. 

She also works privately with clients of all ages, helping people understand and heal from the impact that trauma has on brains and bodies. 

Claire is also the FOUNDER of GROUNDED GrownUps® with a coaching community and other resources for people who are ready for the next step to becoming more grounded.

So the best Christmas present I can think of for most of my friends and for my daughters' teachers' gifts, is giving them a copy of GROUNDED ~
your book has changed my life and I want to share it as much as I can." 


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